Digital Exam Master

Digital Exam Master- DEM

Digital Exam Master- DEM is an innovative and robust web based online exam software which helps Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other organizations to conduct online assessments and surveys with ease.

DEM- offers an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams and many more. This software is capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernization of the exam techniques.

Top 10 Benefits

  • Easy-to-use , Interactive & cost effective
  • Save time & manpower
  • Provision to conduct online / offline exams & surveys
  • Customized question banks & Grading systems
  • Customized course management & User management
  • Schedule Exams at your convenience
  • Provision to reschedule exams
  • Draft exams for future use
  • Track student performance
  • Instant Results

Top 10 Features of Administrator

  • Conduct exams/Surveys Online through internet / Offline without internet
  • Support different types of questions Objective & Descriptive
  • Attach PDF, audio, video, image for the support of question.
  • Customized grading system
  • Create tests quickly by choosing option of random questions and share it with users or assign the date & time to the test to limit it’s availability
  • Create sub admins under your supervision and assign different roles and responsibilities
  • Draft an exam before publishing for future purpose
  • View exam status – option to reschedule
  • Publish the results automatically or by defining the date and time
  • Analyze the performance of students from different available reports

Top 10 Features of Student

  • View exams in tabular mode – Current, Upcoming, Previous and Missed.
  • Attend exams & Surveys
  • Automatic and manually evaluated exams
  • Bookmark & Skip and review them later
  • Timed and untimed exams
  • Automatic submission of exams
  • View submitted exams status
  • Instant scorecard after submitting the online test
  • Detailed reports are available for proper Test Analysis
  • Focus on weak areas and concentrate more on it